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The most entertaining online puzzle battles


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ZOOKEEPER BATTLE is a competitive puzzle game, in which players have to face off against other users from around the world in battles which basically involve making columns and rows of similar, animal shaped, pieces. The more pieces you clear from the board, the more damage you do to your opponent.

The battles are divided into turns. Some of the pieces are used to create defensive areas on the board, and others to attack from. Your attack and defence is taken together to form the score for each turn and also to determine the damage you inflict on your opponent. If your attack is higher than their defence, you will cause damage, and vice versa.

Additionally, in each turn, one of the pieces is given both attack and defensive properties, so you should concentrate in attacking these chips to double your score. Also, you can find special pieces to heal your side or to frustrate your opponent.

ZOOKEEPER BATTLE is an exclusively online game that will test your intelligence, reflexes and speed of thought, and let you prove yourself against players from around the world. And with childlike and colourful graphics, the game is very accessible for players of all ages. However, it is often far from easy.